Individual and Group Classes

Tangobody is a term I use to describe a state of body-mind that is available, permeable and has integrated the structural necessities for communication and improvisation in tango.

These classes focus on the careful development of these aspects in every dancer.
Balance, muscular tone, presence and flexibility, just as understanding posture, spirals, circular or linear movements, and up to more subtle concepts like space, breath or imagination – everything is interrelated and will find its very own way of resonating when exposed to music and another dancer.

Thus, these classes are about the dancer as ‘individual’ –
adressing the immense diversity of possibilities to prepare and fine-tune so tango can happen.

‘Simple’ walking, just as fluid and complicated figures – both ultimately need two tangobodies to meet.
Consequently, they might disappear and blend into each other, the music, the milonga, the atmosphere that is tango.

Input and tools for these classes are drawn from a quite varied background of dance and performative arts, as well as bodywork/somatics.