Les Montagnes Dansent from Lars Schmidt on Vimeo.
About ‘Les Montagnes Dansent’
Some time ago I have been living in the french mountains.
I had already danced tango for some years, and so at some point I decided to see what would happen if I shared a bit of that.
A beautiful group formed, and they kept on dancing after I left.
When I was passing by some time later, a friend and former ‘student’ of mine, who works as ethnologe and sound artist, asked me if I would like to collaborate with my photography on a little project on tango she was preparing.
She interviewed people that once came to the classes, and to me it was profoundly beautiful to witness how they approached the experience and what they got out of the dance, of dancing in general.
So I would like to thank them all for being so open and receptive and willing to share and give from their side.
And I would like to thank the beautiful and so sensitive collaborators of this little piece.
May it inspire.

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